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Antioch University Santa Barbara particularly seeks qualified candidates who will contribute to building a student population diverse in gender, ethnicity, age, class, physical differences, learning styles, sexual orientation, professional backgrounds, and community experiences.

Criteria for acceptance to Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB) varies by academic program. Applicants can review the admission criteria for their specific program of interest and complete the application form online on the individual academic program webpages. Individuals who seek more information about Antioch University Santa Barbara should contact the Office of Admissions to make an appointment to meet with an Admission Advisor who can answer questions pertaining to the programs offered, admission application procedures, and basic financial aid information.

In order to apply, be accepted, and enroll for a particular term, the application process should begin prior to the early action deadline and no later than the final application deadline. All application materials become part of an applicant’s file and cannot be returned. Once all necessary application materials are received, the application file is complete and ready for review by an Admissions Committee. For all graduate and BA-to-Graduate Pathway programs, the applicant is required to participate in a group or individual interview with the graduate academic program. Undergraduate applicants may be called for an interview as needed, once his/her file has gone through an initial review. The admissions decision is communicated through electronic mail from the Office of Admissions.

Prospective students are encouraged to review this catalog prior to signing an enrollment agreement. Prospective students are also encouraged to review the School Performance Fact Sheet, which is provided prior to signing an enrollment agreement.


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