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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Since its inception in 1977, the Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB) Bachelor of Arts degree program has been academically rigorous and intellectually challenging. AUSB’s program provides a liberal education in which adult students engage in a wide range of learning activities.

The BA Program is a degree completion program designed for students who have already completed a substantial amount of college work elsewhere. Students enter AUSB with a minimum 36 quarter (24 semester) units or more in transfer, and up to a maximum of 135 quarter (90 semester) units from an accredited community college or 4-year college or university.

The BA degree in Liberal Studies provides the student with a modern liberal arts education to broaden her/his understanding of self, world and contemporary issues. The AUSB BA Program is designed to help students explore and develop their own interests and to enhance or enrich a direction in life that is meaningful to self, to others and to society.

BA students put theoretical learning into practice through a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities that are woven into every course. Students can further develop their skills through internships, practicums, independent studies and service learning in the community. AUSB students routinely secure internships in schools, health agencies, art organizations, businesses, senior centers, environmental organizations, advocacy groups, and other community settings. Some students earn credit through new learning in their present employment settings.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies

If you’ve gained valuable technical expertise through your current trade and are ready for professional advancement, finishing your bachelor’s degree in one of our three Applied Studies degrees at AUSB can help you maximize that experience. Expand upon your practical knowledge by applying your previous technical and vocational training – such as design, hospitality, culinary arts, auto mechanics, medical trades, and more – toward the completion of an undergraduate degree. AUSB helps you connect your technical expertise to an academic experience that makes you a more effective problem-solver with critical thinking and leadership skills. The program can also prepare you for Antioch graduate degrees, particularly in business administration, psychology, education, and creative writing, depending upon your interests and academic preparation.

The BA in Applied Studies degree gives students who have technical training in a distinct area the forum to build upon previously acquired skills by developing a broader contextual understanding of their profession while advancing academically. You will critically examine and gain a deeper understanding of the principles of your profession, moving toward a more systems-thinking approach. Studies will expand your skills in written and oral communication, foster problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and develop your ability to consider social and ethical context of your profession.

The BA in Applied Arts & Media degree is ideal for people with technical skills in art, design, and media (such as makeup design, video editing and post-production, or set design) who want to more fully understand the context and business side of their industry. The major focuses on preparing students to use arts in today’s media-rich environment. You’ll view art from a historical and cultural perspective while exploring how the use of art and media has evolved into a platform central to effective marketing and communication. You’ll also gain crucial skills and problem-solving strategies specific to the arts and media fields that will make you a more effective professional.

The BS in Applied Technology & Business Leadership degree is ideal for people in technology business professions – such as auto mechanics and medical technology – who want to deepen their understanding of practical skills central to advancement in their field. You will focus on leadership perspectives, planning, and business tools and how to use them in an ethical and socially conscious context. You’ll also gain the interpersonal skills needed to advance yourself effectively within your field.

Undergraduate students who believe the curricular changes implemented in Summer 2018 would benefit their study plan may petition to have their catalog start date reflect the Summer 2018 requirements.  Students are encouraged to first discuss the changes with their advisor or Program Chair to best understand the options for the study plan.


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Preparation for Graduate Schools

AUSB’s Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MACP) Program

AUSB’s Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Credentialing (MAE/TC) or MEd/TC Program

AUSB’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral (PsyD) Program

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