Academic Writing Skills

All students are required to complete WRT 3100 Academic Writing in their first quarter. In a rare circumstance, if a student is unable to take Academic Writing their first quarter, with permission from their academic advisor and Chair, they may be allowed take the course in their second quarter. They will be unable to enroll in a third quarter without having passed the course. Students can choose to further enhance their writing skills by enrolling in any of the writing courses offered throughout their time here. Antioch has a Writing Center that provides services to help students with their writing. AUSB also arranges individual tutorials for students needing extra help.

A student who fails to complete the Educational Foundations and/or Academic Writing work during the first quarter may petition to receive an Incomplete for the class. If work is not completed by the end of the twelfth week of the second quarter, the student receives a No Credit evaluation and must retake the appropriate class immediately.




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