Classes and learning activities may be added or dropped online via AUView without academic penalty during the add/drop period specified for each course in the Schedule of Classes. After the add/drop period, students may not add activities or change their number of registered units without approval of the student’s Advisor. The student is held responsible for completing any units for which s/he is registered by the add/drop deadline. Credit cannot be earned for units not registered for by the deadline. Students may withdraw from courses after the add/drop deadline; however, academically the courses will be considered as attempted but not completed activities.

When adding or dropping a course or units, tuition charges are adjusted according to the published refund schedule. Students should note that changes in status may affect financial aid and should check with the Financial Aid Office before making such changes in their program.

Exception for One-Day Seminars
Students may add a one-day seminar until the day before it takes place, provided space is available. Students may drop a one-day seminar up to the week before the seminar and receive a 100% refund.

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