Antioch is noted for its personalized education. Upon enrollment, each student is assigned an Advisor from her/his program to assist with such issues as program planning, internship placements, graduate and post-graduate study options, academic progress, career paths, and, when necessary, problem-solving. Students are asked to begin their work with the Advisor assigned, but may request to change to a different Advisor by submitting their request in writing to the Office of Student Services. Advisors assist students in meeting University academic requirements and understanding University and program procedures. Students are encouraged to seek out their Advisors and to utilize them as resources to maximize the learning experience. Advisors have specified office hours and also interact with advisees via their e-mail account. Each term, a special Advisement Week is established, when Advisors are especially available to help students in planning the next term’s courses. The Advisor reviews the student’s evaluations on a regular basis (usually every term) and communicates with the student if problems are found.



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