Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral (PsyD) Program

Graduates of Antioch’s Undergraduate Program may apply to the Clinical Psychology Doctoral (PsyD) Program.

The post-bachelor’s track includes a one-year sequence of foundational graduate courses in psychology that prepares students to engage within the PsyD curriculum and constitutes Year 1 of the doctoral program.

This track requires a minimum of 5 years to complete. Students graduate with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and earn a non-licensable Master’s Degree in Psychology after completion of 72 units.

Qualified applicants should be high achieving students with an undergraduate concentration in psychology, or substantial coursework in psychology, work experience in the field, or a master’s degree in another discipline.

The courses in Year 1 are master’s-level foundational courses in psychology and a clinical skills sequence and consist of three quarters of coursework (and supervised experience starting in the third quarter and continuing through the summer). Students admitted into the post-bachelor’s entry track, upon successful completion of the first year of coursework, will continue their studies with students who are admitted to the post-master’s track in Year 2.



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