Undergraduate Policy on Incompletes

Students are encouraged to complete their courses on time. In rare circumstances, for justifiable and documented reasons and when that student has completed at least 75% of the work before the end of the enrolled quarter, a student may petition to take an Incomplete. To do so, the student must fill out the Request for Incomplete Form and submit it to the instructor for approval. This document must contain a list of the work to be completed with a final deadline—both student and instructor must sign their agreement to the terms. The completed and signed form must be turned in to the program no later than the Friday of Week 12. All make-up work must be submitted to the instructor by the agreed deadline, usually by the end of Week 2 of the following quarter, or else the incomplete converts to a “No Credit.” Once work is submitted, the instructor will update the narrative evaluation by no later than the end of the following quarter.



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