Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies degree at AUSB gives college students with technical training in a distinct area the forum to build upon previously acquired skills by developing a broader contextual understanding of their profession while advancing academically. In this program, you will critically examine and gain a deeper understanding of the principles of your profession, moving toward a more systems-thinking approach.

You will find the courses at Antioch will expand your skills in written and oral communication, while fostering problem-solving and critical thinking skills and your ability to consider social and ethical context of your profession.

Graduates with a degree in Applied Studies can advance their careers or open new doors in a variety of fields, including design, hospitality, the culinary arts, auto mechanics, and more. Students often apply the problem solving and critical-thinking skills they learn in this program to their previous professional experiences in a leadership or supervising role.

The average time to complete an Applied Studies degree is 1-2 years, depending on number of credits transferred into Antioch University Santa Barbara.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use career, technical, and occupational skills as a basis to practice thinking critically about problems and solutions.
  • Communicate effectively in writing and in person.
  • Consider challenges and obstacles from multiple perspectives and create strategies for overcoming them.

Degree Requirements

Students need 180‐200 quarter units to graduate from Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies Program. This program accepts a maximum of 135 quarter units in transfer. You will need to meet the learning goals and complete the curriculum specific to your major, as well as certain undergraduate degree requirements. Applied Studies degree requirements include the following (earned through AUSB enrollment and/or transfer):

Major Core Coursework (choose 4 courses=12 quarter credits)

COM 3230 Social Media  ENT 3000  Entrepreneurship
MGT 3220 Leadership and Project Management  ENT 3790 Business Planning & Development
MGT 3750 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility ECO 3760 Sustainable Business Practices


Professional Core Courses (4 courses=12 quarter credits)

COM 3550 Intercultural Communications  WRT 3210  Professional Writing
MGT 3230 Managing in a Global Environment  POL 3920 Engaged Citizenship


Applied Learning/Prior Experiential Learning (9 total quarter credits)

Capstone (3 quarter credits)  Experiential Learning/Internship (6 quarter credits)  

21 Technical or Professional course quarter credits approved by Antioch Advisor

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