Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology & Business Leadership

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology and Business Leadership degree is ideal for people in technology and business professions – such as auto mechanics, information systems, and medical technology – who want to learn the critical practical skills central to advancement in the field. In this degree program, your courses will focus on leadership perspectives, planning, and business tools, and learn how to use them in an ethical and socially conscious context. You’ll also gain the interpersonal skills needed to advance yourself effectively within your field.

Graduates of the Applied Technology and Business Leadership program effectively prepare themselves for higher roles and greater responsibility in their field. With additional training from dedicated faculty and small class sizes, Antioch University Santa Barbara is an ideal environment for adult learners to pursue their career goals in applied technology, business, and leadership.

The average time to complete the B.S. in Applied Technology & Business Leadership degree is 1-2 years, depending on number of credits transferred into AUSB.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use applied technology skills in a professional context while thinking critically about obstacles and their solutions from a leadership perspective
  • Apply functional business tools, always keeping in mind the social responsibilities of business practices
  • Use leadership and interpersonal skills to promote business ethics, values, and integrity related to professional activities and personal relationships

Degree Requirements

Students need 180‐200 quarter units to graduate from Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology and Business Leadership Program. This program accepts a maximum of 135 quarter units in transfer. You will need to meet the learning goals and complete the curriculum specific to your major, as well as certain undergraduate degree requirements. Applied Studies degree requirements include the following (earned through AUSB enrollment and/or transfer).

Major Core Coursework (choose 4 courses=12 quarter credits)

MKT 3010 Integrated Marketing Communication MGT 3750 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
MGT 3200 Business Finance ENT 3000 Entrepreneurship
MGT 3220 Leadership and Project Management ENT 3790 Business Planning & Development
MGT 3741 Organizational Strategy & Culture GBL 3610 Global Economics

Professional Core Courses (4 courses=12 quarter credits)

COM 3550  Intercultural Communication WRT 3210 Professional Writing
MGT 3230 Managing in a Global Environment POL 3920 Engaged Citizenship

Applied Learning/Prior Experiential Learning (9 total quarter credits)

Capstone (3 quarter credits)  Experiential Learning/Internship (6 quarter credits)  

21 Technical or Professional course quarter credits approved by Antioch Advisor

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