California Board of Psychology Educational Requirements

The PsyD program at Antioch University Santa Barbara meets the academic requirements for psychologist licensure in the State of California. Students interested in licensure in a state other than California should contact that state’s professional licensing body for information on academic and clinical training requirements for licensure in that state. Although our regionally accredited degree generally meets out- of-state requirements, most states have specific requirements unique to that jurisdiction.

Our practitioner-scholar model program is also designed in accordance with the core competencies of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology and is designed to meet the APA Standards of Accreditation.

Information for graduates and costs of attending the program is available on the Student Admissions, Outcomes and Other Data page of our website in the PsyD program section. Full-time student tuition is $23,484 per year for academic coursework. Tuition per credit hour is $785 per quarter unit (although we do not enroll part-time students). Additional fees include $50 application fee as well as quarterly lab, assessment and technology fees. Federal Stafford Loans are available. Some limited scholarship money is also available as well as access grants.

Program Delivery
The full-time program is offered across two days per week.


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