Business & Entrepreneurship (BE)

This concentration prepares students for management as well as preparation to venture into the realm of entrepreneurship roles within an established business. The Business & Entrepreneurship concentration is designed to provide students with a broad, yet practical understanding of the complex global social, political, and ethical issues involved in business management. Designed to develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills from an interdisciplinary perspective, students study ethical and social values as they address a wide range of practical management issues. AUSB’s concentration assists students in developing the knowledge necessary to critique economic, business, and other organizational activity, as well as to develop ideas to extend decision-making options within the profession. This concentration is ideal for people who seek to hold leadership or management positions in corporate, public, government, or nonprofit organizations or start a business of their own.


This concentration is built upon the foundation of a core of traditional business courses in management, ethics, human resources, budgets and finance, marketing and organizational culture. This focus is enhanced for the modern era with studies in global economics and sustainable business strategies. Courses from other disciplines, such as studies of communication and media, psychology, and multiculturalism, are used to enrich the concentration. Students are encouraged to use independent studies and internships to focus the major in areas of specific interest regarding personal and professional goals.

In addition to the degree requirements, students pursuing any concentration must complete a minimum of 36 and a maximum of 60 quarter units with at least 24 upper-division units completed at AUSB.

Recommended Prerequisites:


  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting

Business Administration:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to Management
  • Financial Accounting


  • Introduction to Finance
  • Managerial Finance
  • Financial Accounting


  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing Communication
  • International Marketing or Public Relations

International Business:

  • Introduction to International Business
  • International Law
  • International Marketing or Public Relations

Required Courses for the Concentration (36 units)

MGT 3200 Business Finance (3) ENT 3790 Business Planning and Development (3)
MGT 3750 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility (3) GBL 3610 Global Economics (3)
MGT 3230 Managing in a Global Environment (3) MGT 3220 Leadership & Project Management (3)
MKT 3050 Strategic Marketing (3) Three Electives (9)
ENT 3000 Entrepreneurship (3) INT 3081 Capstone (3)

Internships that provide hands-on experience in management and nonprofit leadership may be designed in a variety of settings. Antioch encourages students to design their own internships. For example, students can earn credit for such activities in their workplace as designing a training program, implementing new management information systems, or researching alternative means for marketing a new product or service.



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