Candidacy for Graduation

In the quarter in which a student intends to graduate, the student must be registered for 1 or more units, or else be on Enrollment Maintenance Status. The student must file an Application for Graduation & Diploma Order form during the final term of residency. Graduation from the program is initiated in the final quarter of study, through a process called “Candidacy.” Candidacy involves a formal meeting with the Advisor to confirm that the bulk of the student’s work is completed at a satisfactory level. A student may undertake Candidacy, showing the intention to graduate, if:

  • The student has no more than 12 units of Prior Learning still to complete by the third week of the quarter. (For students documenting 12 units or fewer of Prior Learning overall, the requirement is that the Advisor has seen at least some completed documentation to determine that the process is fully understood.)
  • It is reasonable that the student is able to complete final-quarter work and any Incompletes from earlier quarters within the final quarter.

The Advisor is able to help the student determine whether they are ready for Candidacy in a given quarter.

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