Communication and Marketing (CMMKT)

The Communication and Marketing concentration is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary understanding of how massive changes in the media—from global digital communications, wireless networks, Web 3.0, and persistent connectivity—are transforming media usage and media industries around the globe. The program explores how all mediated forms (film, print, digital, and electronic) affect people, organizations, and cultures with a focus on training critically-aware professionals for advanced careers in media. Courses help students explore their own values and practices as well as how they shape the values and practices of others through producing media. Students who choose this concentration may have already developed specific skills in the media of their choice through their lower-division work. The AUSB program is designed to help students utilize those skills to responsibly influence the way people work, communicate, and engage together in a global society.

This concentration is ideal for people interested in a career in communications and/or media- related fields in corporate, public, government and nonprofit organizations. Potential careers include: marketing director, web analyst, public relations executive, producer, journalist, new media strategist, e-commerce account executive, content writer, filmmaker, videographer, public information, online marketing, blogger, web designer, and advertiser.

This concentration is built upon a foundation of courses related to crafting a narrative/message and purposefully moving that message into the world through various forms of distribution. An emphasis is placed on media as a change agent in our global culture. Courses in the related disciplines of psychology, business, education, global studies, and multiculturalism round out the curriculum. Students are encouraged to use independent studies and internships to focus the major in areas of specific interest regarding personal and professional goals.

In addition to the degree requirements, students pursuing any concentration must complete a minimum of 36 and a maximum of 60 quarter units with at least 24 upper-division units in CMMKT completed at AUSB.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Introduction to Communication
  • Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • Interpersonal Communication


  • Reporting/Writing
  • Mass Media and Society
  • Journalism Publication (choice of print, radio, online, etc.)

Film & TV Production:

  • Principles of Audio Production
  • Non-linear Editing
  • Film and Video Production or Documentary Filmmaking

Film Studies:

  • Introduction to Film
  • American Film or Contemporary Film
  • Film Genres or World Cinema


  • Intermediate Photography
  • Image Editing or Portfolio Production
  • Advanced Techniques (e.g., fine art, press, advertising, portraiture)

Required Courses for Concentration (36 units)

WRT 3210 Professional Writing (3) MKT 3050 Strategic Marketing (3)
COM 3230 Social Media (3) MKT 3010 Integrated Marketing Communication (3)
COM 3550 Intercultural Communication (3) MKT 3020 Web Analytics (3)
MGT 3220 Leadership & Project Management (3)   9 quarter units of electives
MGT 3230 Managing in a Global Environment (3) INT 3081 Capstone (3)

Internships that provide hands-on experience in communication and media may be designed in a variety of settings. Antioch encourages students to design their own internships. For example, students can earn credit for such activities in their workplace as designing a public relations campaign, implementing new social media advertising, or producing a relevant film or video.


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