Concurrent Enrollment

If an Advisor approves a BA student’s study at another institution for units not needed for residency, the student registers for the course(s) at the other institution, during the given quarter. The student must complete the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement form, accompanied by proof of registration at the second institution, with approval from their advisor. If the student passes the class with a grade of “C” or better, the units are transferred to Antioch and are recorded as transfer credit. Students must provide official transcripts of all concurrent learning to Student Services before the start of their final quarter at Antioch. If units to be earned during concurrent enrollment have been approved to fulfill Antioch residency requirements, the student must register for the units both at Antioch and at the other institution. Concurrent enrollment affects student status (e.g., part time or full time) and allows students to receive financial aid through Antioch University for all registered units from both institutions.

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