Applied Studies Degrees

The Applied Studies degrees are considered a constellation of majors that share their core learning goals as well as degree requirements.  Students who have 21 or more units in one cohesive technical area can transfer those units in as part of an Applied Studies major and then complete the degree program through professionally-focused learning.  You will benefit from the learning approach of our liberal education model while continuing to focus on your specified career path.

The educational goals for the Applied Studies program reflect the integration of technical knowledge with liberal learning outcomes, as demonstrated by the following expected learning outcomes:

  • Application of critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Utilization of effective written and oral communication skills
  • Application of technological skills within a particular field of expertise
  • Articulation of multiple and global perspectives related to one’s professional practices
  • Analysis of how social justice issues impact professions and communities
  • The capacity for critical self-reflection, particularly regarding professional competence
  • Integration of theoretical concepts with technical training and lived experience

These educational goals apply to each of the Applied Studies degrees; more specific objectives
for the Applied Studies major follow below.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts & Media

Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology & Business Leadership



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