Entry Tracks

The PsyD program has two entry tracks: the post-bachelor’s entry track and the post-master’s entry track.

The post-bachelor’s track includes foundational graduate courses in psychology as well as courses that prepare students to begin their work in clinical practicum sites in the summer or early fall following Year 1 of the doctoral program. This track requires a minimum of 5 years to complete. Students graduate with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and earn a non- licensable Master’s Degree in Psychology after completion of 72 units, which generally occurs after 2 years in the program.

Qualified applicants should be high achieving students with an undergraduate degree in psychology, or substantial coursework in psychology, volunteer and/or work experience in the field, or a master’s degree in another discipline. The sequence of courses in Year 1 are focused on developing discipline specific knowledge to provide a foundation in psychological science, courses in research methodology, multi-cultural competency, psychopathology, life-span development, as well as in clinical theory, practice and skills.  Students admitted into the post- bachelor’s entry track, upon successful completion of the first year of coursework, will continue their studies with students who are admitted to the post-master’s track in Year 2.

The post-master’s entry track is for students with an MA or MS in psychology or closely related discipline (e.g., counseling, social work). Students in this track enter Year 2 of the doctoral program. Students applying for the post-master’s track are required to provide syllabi demonstrating course equivalency with those courses offered in Year 1 of the program pertaining to psychological science and measurement, multicultural competency, psychopathology, human development, psychotherapy theories, and group psychotherapy. Syllabi are evaluated for equivalency at the discretion of the faculty according to the program’s Course Equivalency Policy. The PsyD program accepts up to 9 credits transferred from graduate courses taken at previous accredited institutions to waive three of the above listed courses in the Year 1 sequence.


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