Admissions Application Fee $50
All Students – General Fee
(per term)
Application for Graduation & Diploma Order Fee $100
Application for Graduation & Certificate Order Fee $25
Audit Fee Variable
Diploma Reorder Fee $35
Dissertation Continuation Fee
(PsyD Program ONLY)
Education Field Practicum
Student Teaching Fee
(per quarter during student teaching)
Educational Foundations Fee
3-unit class
Educational PACT Scoring Fee
(per quarter during student teaching)
Enrollment Maintenance Fee $475
Field Experience Continuation Fee
(PsyD Program ONLY)
Induction Program – One Year $1,275 / qtr
Induction Program – Two Years $425 / credit
International Student Fee
(per term)
Late Payment Fee $50
Late Registration Fee $100
MACP Out-of-State Licensing Board Degree Verification Fee $25
MACP Program Materials Fee
(first quarter only)
MACP Quarterly Liability Insurance Fee $15
PsyD Full-time Internship Fee
PsyD Half-time Internship Fee
PsyD FA, WI, SP Quarterly Assessment, Practicum & Materials Fee – Yrs I, II, III & IV $267
Returned Check Fee $50
Thesis/Project Binding Fee
for two req’d copies
($40/additional copy)
Thesis/Project Completion Fee
(Education Program ONLY)
Three-Payment Plan Fee $35
Transcript Only Fee
Transcript and Narrative Assessments Fee

A student registering for a number of units between the designated unit load categories or above the maximum unit load pays the unit load charge plus a per unit charge for the additional unit(s). Students registering for a number of units below the minimum unit load category pay the per unit rate. In addition to coursework, tuition covers internship/practicum supervision, advising, supervised independent study, workshops, and program administrative costs. Tuition and fees are subject to change with written notice.

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