Field Experience

The Field Practicum/Student Teaching curriculum sequence provides opportunities for candidates to not only put into practice what they learn during coursework, but to reflect critically on that practice. In each placement, candidates learn to work effectively with diverse students—a primary objective of the program. They practice research-based teaching strategies in the classroom and appropriate differentiated instruction to meet the academic and social needs of all students.

The Field Practicum/Student Teaching sequence is designed to meet the standards of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the educational requirements of the MAE/TC, the professional development needs of candidates, and the needs of the communities that they serve. In addition to developing candidates’ instructional competencies, the Field Practicum/Student Teaching Curriculum enhances their social change skills. Through reflection and application of theory, research, pedagogy, personal philosophy, and interpersonal interaction candidates construct their professional theory of practice. Moreover, candidates learn how to identify the specific cultural needs of different communities and to work with them in responsive ways. Finally, candidates contribute their excitement to those communities about teaching, enthusiasm about learning, and optimism and vision about social change. All candidates begin the graduated Field Practicum/Student Teaching curriculum during their first quarter of enrollment. Their assignments are developmentally sequenced, increasingly preparing them for two weeks of full-time teaching responsibilities in the fourth quarter. All supervision of student teaching is conducted by faculty who are thoroughly familiar with the mission and learning objectives of the program. University Field Supervisors also lead the required concurrent professional small group seminars on campus.



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