In order to graduate as planned, the following steps are necessary:

  1. The student must submit an Application for Graduation & Diploma Order form and payment in order for Antioch University to confer the degree.
  2. Candidacy status must be approved by the Advisor and the Student Services Office. At this point the student knows that s/he may graduate as planned upon completion of the final quarter work and any remaining Prior Learning and Incompletes.
  3. Incompletes: If any academic work that is needed for graduation remains Incomplete by the first day of the following quarter, the student must delay graduation and enroll as Enrollment Maintenance Status, paying the Enrollment Maintenance Fee to finish the Incompletes. Incomplete units not needed for degree completion simply revert to No Credit on the first day of the quarter. After the student’s final quarter work is completed, the final academic transcript is prepared in the Antioch University Records Administration Office.



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