Incomplete Work

Incomplete Work
Normally, all work should be completed by the end of each academic term. For outside learning activities, students should take the initiative to obtain assessments promptly from evaluators and should make sure that the original copy of the evaluation reaches the Registrar within one week of the end of classes so that credit can be recorded. The student is responsible for maintaining reasonable progress toward the degree. However, incomplete work is occasionally allowed, for good reason and with permission of the instructor. No faculty member is obligated to award Incompletes or to agree to evaluate student work after the end of the course (although some faculty agree to do so). Faculty are required to notify students at the beginning of a course if they are unavailable to evaluate work after the term is over.

One Term Limit
All Incompletes must be made up within one term following the one in which the classes were taken. Credit for the Incomplete is awarded only if an evaluation with Credit Awarded reaches the Registrar by the end of week 12 of the subsequent quarter or week 17 of the subsequent semester. The student is responsible for turning in incomplete work to the evaluator by the date assigned. Credit Awarded is not guaranteed; the instructor may find the work unacceptable and is not required to return the work to the student for revisions. If an evaluation with Credit Awarded does not reach the Registrar by the deadline, the student must retake the course or learning activity in order to receive credit. A student retaking a course must register and pay for the course again, and meet the requirements of the course as offered at that time.



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