Learning Options

AUSB is on the ten-week quarter system. Classes, which are all upper-division for three units, meet either face-to-face, online, or in a combination hybrid model. Face-to-face classes meet once a week for roughly three hours and extend over 10 weeks. Students are expected to spend approximately 7 hours per week of non-classroom learning, such as field work, data collection, reading and/or writing. Most courses are three quarter units which equates to 99 hours of learning in that subject. With roughly 30 classroom hours, that leaves about 69 hours of outside reading, writing, etc. in the 10 week time frame – so about 7 hours a week.

Seminars are one-unit learning opportunities to become acquainted with subjects not in the regular course curriculum. Seminars go for 6 to 8 hours in a one or two-day time period. Between 25-27 hours of non-classroom learning are also expected for the seminar option. Some seminars may require papers whereas others may require more reading or an experiential project. Seminars do not allow incompletes. Students are expected to obtain reading materials or other related materials prior to the seminar and are notified about these requirements. Some seminars have assignments which must be completed before the class meets.



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