Master of Arts in Education with M/M Education Specialist Credential

This 5 quarter (15-month) program designed for teachers who already possess a multiple subject or single subject credential weaves the requirements for the Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential: Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities with coursework leading toward a Master of Arts in Education degree. The collaborative, cohort-based model is the ideal setting to learn essential skills related to student advocacy and working within diverse and inclusive classrooms.

Candidates experience two sequences of course content: Credential and Research specific.

Credential-specific sequence:
The credential sequence is a collection of courses that prepares candidates to provide instruction, assessment, and support to students with mild-to-moderate disabilities. Courses in the credential-specific sequence include student-teaching accompanied by a professional seminar for two quarters.

Students will also:

  • Explore topics of personal and professional interest and to examine their potential roles as leaders in a reflective community of learners
  • Have opportunities to reflect on their own strengths and challenges and to examine their own reasoning, values, and interpersonal skills.
  • Have two quarters (six months) of student-teaching in a K-12 special education setting
  • Learn and develop skills necessary to work with second language learners’ English Language Development

Special Education Program

Candidates in the MA in Education with M/M Educational Specialist Credential program who are teachers with intern credentials use their own classrooms to satisfy the fieldwork requirements. They are supervised by district appointed personnel in addition to Antioch University Santa Barbara Field Supervisors.

Research Sequence:
Each of the research courses will focus on applying the material studied and the development of effective interpersonal group skills. Students will address contemporary problems, participate in active problem solving, and work collaboratively in groups.

Candidates in the program complete a thesis. The research course sequence prepares students to write the literature review, methods, data analysis and discussion sections of their research project.

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