Master of Education and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (MEd/TC) Curriculum

Quarter 1 (Summer)

Total: 14-20 units

Prerequisites to the program:

HDV 4550.SB Child Development & Learning (3 units)
HDV 4581 Language Development & Acquisition (3 units)

Core courses:

TEP 5051.SB Reading Instruction in the Elementary School Classroom (2 units)
TEP 5360.SB Foundations of Social Justice Education (4 units)
TEP 5361 Foundations of Social Justice Education Lab (1 unit)
TEP 5370.SB Mediation & Conflict Resolution in Schools (3 units)
TEP 6011 Social & Legal Dimensions of Special Education (2 units)
TEP 6012 Teaching & Accommodating Students with Disabilities (1 unit)
TEP 6350 Research Ethics for Human Subjects (1 unit)

Quarter 2 (Fall)

Total: 23 units

TEP 5070.SB Real World Mathematics (3 units)
TEP 5191 Educational Technology for Universal Design (3 units)
TEP 5330.SB Field Practicum (10 units)
TEP 5380.SB Classroom Organization: Theory & Practice (3 units)
TEP 6141 Inquiry Project Planning (3 units)
TEP 5052 Reading Instruction in the Elem School Classroom (1 unit)

Quarter 3 (Winter)

Total: 23 units

TEP 5040.SB Social Science & Children’s Experience (3 units)
TEP 5110.SB Language Arts Curricula: Theory & Methods (3 units)
TEP 5121 Student Teaching with Professional Seminar I (12 units)
TEP 5130.SB The Arts and Culture in Learning (3 units)
TEP 6161 Inquiry Project Data Collection & Beginning Analysis (2 units)

Quarter 4 (Spring)

Total: 21 units

TEP 5100.SB Science: Discovery Teaching, Action Learning (3 units)
TEP 5151 Student Teaching & Professional Seminar II (12 units)
TEP 6021 Advocacy & Activity for Healthy Children (3 units)
TEP 6191 Inquiry Project Data Collection & Analysis (3 units)


Quarter 5 (Summer)

Total: 9 units

TEP 6212 Portfolio Development (6 units)
TEP 6310 Resilience & the School Community (3 units)


* Additional Requirements for the Multiple Subject Credential

  • Passage of the CBEST and CSET
  • Successful completion of all courses in the required sequence of instruction
  • Passage of the RICA (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment)
  • Successful completion of student teaching
  • Successful passage of the edTPA
  • Completion and documentation of the U.S. Constitution requirement
  • Recommendation by the Program Chair on completion of the course of study
  • Completion of Adult, Infant, and Child CPR

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