Master of Education and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (MEd/TC)

Antioch University recognizes that good teaching requires a complex set of knowledge and skills that take commitment and time to develop. In order to develop this competence, Antioch offers its Master of Education degree in combination with credential preparation in a five-quarter program beginning in summer and ending the following summer.

The Multiple Subject Credential Program

  • Offers an exciting alternative to traditional programs by emphasizing a full year of actual classroom experience along with comprehensive coursework.
  • Provides students with the knowledge and pedagogical skills to address the Common Core State Standards using a progressive approach to theory and practice.
  • Uses ethnographic methods to deepen knowledge about teaching and learning.
  • Supports candidates to develop an area of expertise and confidence to provide leadership within the school community.
  • Prepares effective teachers, with research-based practice, who have the professional skills to influence change in their schools, and to address social justice and ecological literacy through education.
  • Teaches candidates to create classrooms and school communities where all members develop as whole human beings.
  • Provides constructivist theories, progressive teaching methods and experience appropriate for effective work in low-performing schools where inequities are most prominent.
  • Prepares elementary school teachers who empower their students through literacy, are knowledgeable about building character and citizenship skills, and are prepared to engage in school reform.

The Master of Education & Teacher Credentialing Program (MEd/TC) is a five-quarter cohort model. It begins in summer of the first year and ends in the summer of the following year, with four full-time quarters, summer through spring, followed by a fifth, half-time, low residency quarter. The first four quarters include a full school year of fieldwork concurrent with carefully sequenced coursework. Candidates who have completed all course and field work and successfully met all additional requirements are recommended for the California Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at the end of the fourth quarter. The low residency 5th quarter allows candidates to search for teaching positions outside of the local area while they complete their Master’s Projects.

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