Nature-Based Early Childhood Education Certificate Curriculum

Required Certificate Courses*
EDC 5030.SB Natural History for Early Childhood (1.5 units)
EDC 5280.SB Ecology of Imagination in Childhood (1.5 units)
*EDC 5090.SB Nature Based Early Childhood Curriculum (3 units)
EDC 6650.SB Music, Movement and Storytelling for Early Childhood (1.5 units)
*EDP 5580.SB Working with Families and Communities (1.5 units)
*EDP 5620.SB Risk Management for Nature-Based Early Childhood (3 units)
EDT 5100.SB Landscape Design for Nature Plan and Learning (1.5 units)

*EDP 5600.SB Business Planning for Nature Preschools and Forest Kindergartens (3 units)

Elective Internship Courses
ED-5900.SB Internship in Nature Preschools or Forest Kindergartens with Cooperating Teacher (Variable)
EDC 5160.SB School Change Practicum (Variable)

Total required units: 15.0-18.0





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