Nature-Based Early Childhood Education Certificate Curriculum

Required Certificate Courses
EDC 5030.SB Natural History for Early Childhood (1.5 units)
EDC 5280.SB Ecology of Imagination in Childhood (1.5 units)
EDC 5090.SB Nature Based Early Childhood Curriculum (3 units)
EDC 6650.SB Music, Movement and Storytelling for Early Childhood (1.5 units)
EDP 5580.SB Working with Families and Communities (1.5 units)
EDP 5620.SB Risk Management for Nature-Based Early Childhood (3 units)
EDT 5100.SB Landscape Design for Nature Plan and Learning (1.5 units)

Elective Internship Courses
ED-5900.SB Internship in Nature Preschools or Forest Kindergartens with Cooperating Teacher (Variable)
EDC 5160.SB School Change Practicum (Variable)

Total required units: 15.0-18.0





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