Office Productivity Software

Any word processing program that saves and opens text files and that saves in multiple file formats (Antioch recommends that faculty and students trade files in DOC format to prevent incompatibilities). A good choice for students in general is a current office suite package such as Microsoft Office that includes word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and other useful software. “Open Office 4” and “LibreOffice” (both are open source) can be used and the documents can be saved in standard Microsoft Office formats (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, etc.). However, please be advised that sometimes complex formatting can be corrupted when changing formats. Google Drive, which also allows you to create, store, and share a variety of file types is available by clicking ‘Drive’ icon in AUDirect, or by clicking the ‘Google Apps’ icon near the top of page of your Antioch Email account.



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