Free parking is available within a few blocks of the campus on the surrounding streets and after 6:00 pm in the commuter lot adjacent to our new building, which can be entered from Cota Street. Evening classes that are held on the new campus will begin at 6:15 pm to allow students to take advantage of the free parking after 6:00 pm in the commuter lot. Additional parking and transportation resources and options are listed below:

MTD transportation costs:

Map of downtown parking lots (City Lots #10 & #11 across the street from campus):

Hours of operation for downtown parking lots:

Downtown City Parking Lot Rates:
First 75 minutes are free; each hour or part of an hour after the initial 75 minutes is $1.50. Each parker is entitled to one 75-minute free period per 24 hours.

Parking Lot Rates for Disabled:
First 2½ hours are free; each hour or part of an hour after the initial 2½ hours is $1.50. The daily maximum is $7.00. A valid placard or plate is required.

Contact Information for Parking Offices:
Downtown Parking Office: (805) 564-5656
Water Front Parking: (805) 564-5523
1221 Anacapa St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Pre-Paid Parking Cards:
A Pre-Paid Parking Card is the new and easy way to pay for parking! Just present the card at the exit and go! Pre-Paid Cards are available for purchase at the Downtown Parking Office address, and may be recharged at the Downtown Parking Office up to the original purchase amount (the campus is located across the street from Downtown Public Lots #10 & #11). Cards are available in $30, $60, $90, and $120 denominations.

Find more information on Pre-Paid Parking Cards at:

Emergency Service in City Lots:
(Emergency ride home service for downtown employees who make regular use of public transportation)

Permits for the Waterfront Parking Lots along Cabrillo:
$95/year ($7.92 a month)

Map of Waterfront Parking Lots:

Waterfront Shuttle Schedule (starts at 9 am and travels from East Beach to Mesa):

Please be reminded that there is all day street parking on many of the residential streets that are 4-5 blocks removed from State St. On the east side of State, all day parking begins on Laguna and Olive Streets. The new campus is conveniently located on the shuttle routes (downtown & beach-front shuttle = $0.50, cross town shuttle = $1.75) .

Cross Town Shuttle Schedule and Map:

Downtown and Waterfront Shuttle Schedule and Map:

Overall, there are many parking options (e.g., city parking lots, commuter lots, and accessibility to public transportation) available surrounding our new campus.

Students who require temporary disability parking (or those with other special needs) should contact Director of Student Services, Ryan Kasmier, at (805) 962-8179 ext. 5105 or, to ensure that accommodations are available.



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