Prior Experiential Learning

Prior Learning is college-level learning that took place (1) outside accredited college classes, and (2) after high school and before enrollment at Antioch. Students sometimes confuse an internship or independent study with Prior Learning. Internships, independent studies, and concurrent learning take place during the student’s residency at Antioch, whereas Prior Learning took place before the student entered Antioch. Many adult students enter Antioch’s program with college level learning they acquired in such diverse settings as their workplace, home, or volunteer activities.

Students who plan to document prior learning for credit are required to take a course entitled PLA 1000.SB Prior Learning Assessment Theory and Practice before beginning the documentation process. (See Undergraduate Program Course Descriptions section for a full description of this class.)

AUSB adheres to the standards recommended by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) found at Prior Experiential Learning is limited to a maximum of 45 quarter units. A maximum of 3 quarter units may be awarded to any one Prior Experiential Learning activity. Prior units may be earned if the student does not have 135 units at the time of transfer, and only in order to reach 135 units.



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