Professional and Creative Writing (PCW)

Antioch University Santa Barbara’s concentration in Professional and Creative Writing (PCW) will prepare students for a profession in writing, with the ability to work in multi-genres and across platforms. For those who are passionate about writing and who want to address practical considerations such as employability, the curriculum offers a multi-genre approach built upon several disciplines: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, writing for traditional media, technical and business writing, and new media. Through both craft and workshop classes, students will develop their individual voice, as well as focus on their capacity to earn a living through writing.


The Professional and Creative Writing concentration is built upon the foundation of a core of traditional writing courses in fiction, creative non-fiction, online journalism and literary theory for social change. This focus is enhanced for the modern era with studies in writing for broadcast media,  advanced screenwriting, long-form journalism, professional writing,  advanced writing workshops and development of a professional portfolio.

Courses from other disciplines, such as studies of communication and media, psychology, and marketing, are used to enrich the concentration, as are seminars in such topics as travel writing, food writing, women in literature, publishing/distribution, storytelling and improvisation. Students are encouraged to use outside learning activities such as independent study with faculty to focus their concentration in areas of specific interest regarding personal and professional goals.

In addition to the degree requirements, students pursuing any concentration must complete a minimum of 36 and a maximum of 60 quarter units with at least 24 upper-division units completed at AUSB.

Recommended Prerequisites   

English & Literature:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Literature and Film
  • Screenwriting I
  • Fundamentals of Technical Writing
  • Survey of Literature (American, British, World)


  • Reporting/Writing
  • Mass Media and Society
  • Choice of journalism publication course (print, online, radio etc.)

Film Studies:

  • Introduction to Film
  • American Film
  • Film Genres or World Cinema

Required Courses for the Concentration (36 units)

COM 3320 Odyssey (3) WRT 3390 Personal Journal (3)
COM 3550 Intercultural Communication (3) WRT 3210 Professional Writing (3)
WRT 3130 Creative Writing: Fiction (3) WRT 3590 Literary Theory for Social Change (3)
WRT 3190 Creative Writing: Nonfiction (3) 9 quarter elective units
COM 3230 Social Media (3) INT 3081 Capstone (3)

Internships which provide hands-on experience in the professional arena are encouraged. Students have the option of designing their own internships in consultation with their advisor. Options include interning with local radio stations, magazines, online journals.

Preparation for Graduate Study
The Professional and Creative Writing concentration prepares students for graduate work in multiple narrative areas, including writing for stage, screen, radio, and the page. AUSB offers a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Contemporary Media. If you are interested in pursuing graduate study at Antioch, be sure to speak with your academic advisor or admissions counselor about your goals.

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