Program Degree Requirements

The Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology is a 90 unit degree that meets California licensing requirements for Marriage and Family Therapists. To complete the degree, a student must meet both a unit requirement and a residency requirement. Residency is defined as the number of quarters of study for which a student must be enrolled. In the MACP program, students must be enrolled for a minimum of 90 units and 8 full-time quarters, or 16 half-time quarters, or the equivalent. Some of the coursework requirements are satisfied through weekend courses or may be completed online. A full-time quarter consists of 9-13 units. All quarters of residency must be completed for graduation.

Students also have options to pursue their Master’s in Clinical Psychology Degrees with a Concentration in Somatic Psychotherapy (105 units in 27 months), Latino Mental Health (90 units in 24 months) or, with a Concentration in Healthy Aging (96 units in 24 months), The Program also offers a track for students interested in meeting qualifications for  for both MFT and LPCC by completing 9 additional units of coursework required for LPCC licensure. The Latino Mental Health and Healthy Aging concentrations may be completed in 8 full-time quarters. The Somatic Concentration and the LPCC option, with and additional 9th quarter.  LPCC courses are offered online in the 9th quarter with one 3-unit course offered as a weekend or hybrid option in the 8th quarter.

Students must complete their degree within five calendar years of the first admission including any leaves of absence or periods of withdrawal. (See Admissions and Registration policies for further detail).

Students are able to transfer up to 9 units of graduate psychology courses taken elsewhere if they meet Antioch University’s requirements for transfer credit. Units must be current and no older than 5 years. To apply for transfer credit, obtain the Permission to Transfer Units Form from the Student Services Office.



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