Readmitted Students

Students who have withdrawn or have been withdrawn from Antioch University Santa Barbara must formally reapply for admission if they wish to re-enter AUSB. Once accepted by the academic department, readmitted students are subject to the program and university requirements as well as the policies and procedures in place at the time of readmission. This includes, but is not limited to, required attendance at orientation, completion of new degree requirements, and evaluation of all previously-completed academic work, including any transfer credits and credits earned while at Antioch. Graduate work that will be more than eight years old from the point of the projected date of graduation will not be accepted.

Students applying to be readmitted must adhere to all admissions deadlines and procedures, including submission of a completed application with accompanying fee and official transcripts. Depending on the requirements of the program, a new admissions essay and interview may also be required. Official transcripts from other schools are retained in the Student Services Office for five years. Official transcripts must be requested for any coursework taken at another academic institution since the time of withdrawal from Antioch University Santa Barbara. Students should contact the Office of Admissions to determine the current admissions requirements.


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