Students receive information regarding registration each term via their e-mail account. The e-mail contains the Registration Packet, which provides information regarding the advising and registration periods, payment deadlines, financial aid, important policies, how to access the Schedule of Classes on AUView, and how to navigate the online registration process.

Official registration takes place online via the AUSB web-based student information system (AUView), as well as in the Student Services, Financial Aid, and Fiscal Offices. Registration for the following courses and statuses needs to be approved by the student’s Advisor:

Students are held accountable for completing all registered activities. Once admitted, all students must register each term for classes or for an approved status. Students who fail to register by the Monday of Week 3 may be placed on one term of administrative leave (if applicable) or may be administratively withdrawn from the University.

Changes in registration may be made during the add/drop period. If a student fails to add a class or learning activity, s/he does not receive credit even if work is completed. If a student fails to drop a class, s/he is obligated to complete the work or receive a No Credit designation.

Registering for an Independent Study
Students in all programs may register for Independent Study. The approval process for Independent Study requires submission of a completed BA Independent Study Contract form (undergraduate program) or Graduate Application for Independent Study form (graduate programs). A student who wishes to undertake a scholarly examination of a subject not covered by any of Antioch’s current or scheduled course offerings is encouraged to engage in Independent Study. Interested students should submit a proposal for the study to their Advisor. The Independent Study must meet the following criteria:

  • be related to the field of the degree program;
  • be approved by the Advisor; and,
  • be planned in advance.

The student’s Advisor reviews the proposal, consults with other faculty members, if necessary, and possibly recommends or requires changes before approval. Therefore, proposals should be submitted to the Advisor at least two weeks before registration week for the term in which the independent study will be carried out.

Registering for Thesis/Project Completion
Given the highly individualized nature of an Antioch course of study, graduate students in the Education Master’s Programs are required to complete a master’s project or thesis. If the student has completed all degree requirements except for the master’s project or thesis and has utilized a quarter of Enrollment Maintenance Status, the student must register for the Thesis/Project Completion Status during the registration period. No residency status and no financial aid status are credited for Thesis/Project Completion Status.

Registering for Enrollment Maintenance
Enrollment Maintenance entitles the student to a reasonable level of advisement during the term, as well as access to certain non-credit-bearing activities. On a Leave of Absence, in contrast, no advising is provided. Payment of the Enrollment Maintenance Fee (EMF) also allows the University to certify to other institutions or agencies that the student is participating in his/her academic program. Enrollment Maintenance does not qualify for residency. It allows student loan deferment for one term only. Two consecutive Enrollment Maintenance terms are not permitted. Only one Enrollment Maintenance per four-quarter period or three-semester period is allowed. Students wishing to take a term of Enrollment Maintenance should consult with their Advisor, complete the online Enrollment Maintenance registration form, and pay the Enrollment Maintenance Fee. This status may affect a student’s financial aid; students planning for Enrollment Maintenance should be sure to consult the Financial Aid Office for details.

Registering for Leave of Absence
Students may take an authorized Leave of Absence (LOA) from Antioch for personal reasons any time after the first term of enrollment, without charge.* This allows the student to leave school for a term, while still maintaining an official connection with the University. A Leave of Absence may not be used to complete unfinished coursework or document clinical training hours toward MFT licensure. The student may be on Leave of Absence for a maximum of two consecutive quarters (for quarter programs) or one semester (for semester programs). Absence from the program beyond that results in being withdrawn, and application for readmission is necessary to continue. Leaves of Absence is limited to two per four-quarter period or one per three-semester period. When registering for Leave of Absence, students must understand that any coursework remaining incomplete will default to No Credit. While on authorized Leave of Absence, the student stays on the University e-mail list and receives official announcements and notice of next term’s registration. It is extremely important that a student desiring a Leave of Absence completes the online Leave of Absence form during registration. Students who leave school without filing this form may be placed on one term of administrative leave (if applicable). A new form is needed each quarter (for quarter programs) if the Leave of Absence extends for more than one quarter.

*Separate leave of absence rules and regulations apply to F-1 international students. Please see the PDSO or a DSO regarding questions about eligibility for a leave.

Auditors and Non-Matriculated Students
Auditors register in a course with auditor status, not for credit. Consent of the Program Chair is needed for auditing. Instructors normally expect auditing students to complete all readings and participate in discussions. Students taking a course for credit are given preference over auditors in over-enrolled courses. Audited courses appear on the Antioch transcript. If an auditor later wishes credit for the course, s/he must repeat the course for academic credit.

Students registered full-time or half-time may audit any course with the consent of the Program Chair for no additional fee. Students on Leave of Absence who wish to audit must pay the audit fee. Alumni auditors and non-matriculated student auditors register by filling out a Special Student Registration form and paying an audit fee. Antioch alumni auditing courses pay a reduced audit fee.

Non-matriculated students may enroll in courses for credit without intending to earn an Antioch degree by filling out a Special Student Registration form and paying the registration fee. Consent of the Program Chair is required. Special students are required to register for the course(s) on a non-matriculated status. In over-enrolled courses, they are given low priority. Non-matriculated students must register during the regular Registration period. They are not eligible for federal financial aid. If a non-matriculated student later wishes to enter Antioch to work toward a degree, s/he needs to complete the regular admissions process and formally be accepted by Antioch. Credit earned as a non-matriculated student is not automatically transferable. The Program Chair must approve a petition for credit. The non-matriculated period does not count toward residency.

Credit Earned during Non-enrollment Periods
Students normally must be registered for Antioch classes (full-time, half-time, or per unit) in order to earn Antioch credit. An exception to this policy is the rare case in which a student’s Advisor recommends that the student take one or more courses at another institution while on Enrollment Maintenance. The Advisor and the Program Chair must approve the arrangement in advance. Approved units are applied as transfer credit. Units earned at another school while on Enrollment Maintenance do not count toward residency.

Occasionally, a student who has withdrawn from Antioch or is on Leave of Absence takes courses at other schools during the non-Antioch time, and wishes to transfer these units to Antioch when s/he returns. For students who re-enroll after a Leave of Absence or a period of withdrawal, and request credit for learning activities that occurred during their absence from Antioch, residency must be re-evaluated. The Advisor and the Program Chair reserve the right to make decisions about this situation on an individual basis.

Undergraduate Students in Graduate Classes
BA students may not register for classes in the MACP and PsyD programs. BA students may approach MACP and PsyD faculty members about Independent Study work.



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