Student Status

Full-time status for undergraduate students is defined as 12 or more units. Full-time status for graduate students is defined as 6 or more units.

Three Quarter-Time
Three quarter-time status for undergraduate students is defined as greater than or equal to 9 units and less than 12 units. Three quarter-time status does not apply for graduate students.

Half-time status for undergraduate students is defined as 6-8.5 units. Half-time status for graduate students is defined as 3-5.5 units.

A student who intends to withdraw from Antioch should discuss the decision with her/his Advisor. Withdrawal from the University means that student status is discontinued. Courses incomplete at the time of withdrawal are no longer eligible for credit and will be converted to No Credit/No Pass, and the student must reapply formally for admission if he/she wishes to re-enter Antioch Santa Barbara.

A student must notify the Office of Student Services in writing (or via e-mail account) of the intention to withdraw. Students on financial aid also must consult with the Financial Aid Office.

Students who withdraw may be entitled to a percentage refund of tuition, depending on the date of official withdrawal. Please see the refund policy. Withdrawal from the University should not be confused with dropping classes or filing a Leave of Absence.

Any student who fails to register for academic units, a Leave of Absence, or an approved status by the Monday of Week 3 may be placed on one term of administrative leave (if applicable) or will be administratively withdrawn from the University. Students who do not maintain good academic standing also may be withdrawn, according to conditions of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.




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