The Mission of the Undergraduate Program at AUSB

AUSB offers students a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Liberal Studies, Management, Psychology, and Applied Studies as well as a Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies degree that each produce globally aware citizens and socially responsible leaders. Through the integration of academic and experiential learning, AUSB students acquire key intellectual and professional tools including analytical and problem-solving skills, critical and creative thinking, effective communication skills, self-awareness, and intercultural competence. The curriculum provides an innovative, student-centered, contemporary liberal education that uniquely prepares students for graduate studies and professional success in their chosen careers.

The Program Core Purposes of the Undergraduate Program at Antioch University Santa Barbara are infused throughout the academic curriculum, reflecting the intention of the faculty to provide a broad, meaningful, learner-centered, and well-balanced education. The Program Core Purposes are discussed in the course work and include:

Critical Thinking. Student effectively engages in critical analysis that acknowledges the complexity of issues, challenges one’s own and/or others’ assumptions, while evaluating evidence and context before reaching conclusions. Student uses critical thinking to combine or synthesize existing ideas in original and imaginative ways.

Diverse Perspectives. Student understands diversity in all its forms, including worldview, communication, cultural rules and personal biases

Social Justice. Student demonstrates critical awareness of the social, economic, political, and environmental justice issues that demarcate the terrain of power, oppression, and resistance. Students develop the commitment, skills, and knowledge necessary to contribute to justice through activism and engagement in both local and global communities.

Applied Learning. Student demonstrates the ability to make connections among ideas and experiences, and to synthesize and transfer learning to new or more complex situations beyond the classroom.

Communication. Student demonstrates the ability to develop and express ideas in writing and oral communication in many genres and styles, across a variety of technologies and platforms including visual media and/or other creative forms of expression, designed to increase knowledge, foster understanding or promote change.

Self-Awareness. Student demonstrates an ability to articulate and analyze one’s own behaviors, actions or personal experiences and make connections to one’s own learning and growth, clearly identifying strengths, weaknesses and biases.


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