Transfer Eligibility for Remedial, Vocational, and Technical Courses

Antioch cannot accept remedial, vocational, or technical courses for transfer toward the liberal arts BA, since these do not represent college-level learning. The following standards are used by the Registrar’s Office in determining which courses fall into these categories. Remedial courses are courses with content appropriate to a high school or pre-college level of learning. Examples of remedial courses include Reading and Comprehension, Study Skills, Remedial English, and certain elementary math and science courses. Vocational courses are courses that consist primarily of specific job skill training, with little or no college-level conceptual learning. Examples of vocational courses include Dressmaking, Patient Clinical Skills (consisting of blood pressure reading, etc.), or Keyboarding. Technical courses are usually vocational and consist of specific technical or applied skills. Examples of technical courses include Die-Casting, Technical Drafting, Analysis of Asbestos, Shorthand and Typing. College orientation courses (e.g., Freshman Orientation Seminar) are also non-transferable.



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