Tuition Refund Policy

The refund schedule applies in cases of withdrawal from the University, defined as the dropping of one’s entire program in a given term. For refund purposes, a week of classes refers to a calendar week beginning with the first day of classes – holidays not considered. The effective date for determining a refund is the date Student Services receives written notification of a drop (signed by the Advisory and Financial Aid officer) or withdrawal from the student. Students have a right to cancel their enrollment agreement and receive a full refund of all tuition charges if they notify the University in writing, and the written notification is received prior to or by the second class session, or the 14th day of enrollment, whichever is later. The University provides a pro rata refund of unearned institutional charges to students who complete 75 percent or less of the period of attendance. If the University cancels or discontinues a course, the University will make a full refund of all associated tuition charges. Refunds are paid within 30 days of receipt of notification of cancellation or withdrawal.

Quarter Refund Schedule
Official first two weeks of quarter 100%
Third week 70%
Fourth week 60%
Fifth week 50%
Sixth week 40%
Seventh week 30%
Eighth week 20%
After 0%


Semester Refund Schedule
First 14 days of semester 100%
15-29 days of semester 75%
30-58 days of semester 50%
59-87 days of semester 25%
After 0%


MFA Refund Schedule
Prior to third day of residency 100%
On or after third day of residency, a pro rata refund of tuition will be applied to unearned institutional charges up to completion of more than 75% <100% to >75%
Friday of fifth week of class 75%
Friday of eleventh week of class 50%
Friday of seventeenth week of class 25%
After 0%


Tuition Refund Policy for Individual Course Withdrawal

A 100% tuition credit is granted for courses dropped by 20% of the instructional period for that course. No tuition credit is given after 20% of the instructional period for that course. Exception for 1.0 unit seminars: 100% tuition credit is granted prior to the scheduled seminar date.

Please note that in programs that charge tuition based on the total number of units registered for the term, a change in tuition charges will only occur when the course drop moves the student to the lower tuition unit load.


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